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Heat Therapy to Help Soothe Period Pain

November 06, 2012 3 Comments

You might be surprised to learn it, but heat therapy is one of the top recommendations for both treating and for preventing menstrual cramps and discomfort. Because of heat’s versatility as a muscle relaxing and repair-initiating treatment, it’s remained a popular and uniquely non-invasive and straightforward way to tackle stiffness, soreness, and cramping, even in the age of instant medications, pills, and creams.

Heat therapy works to reduce menstrual soreness, also called dysmenorrhea, by relaxing the muscles in the pelvis, which can become tightened and constricted during a woman’s monthly menstruation. As one of nature’s natural salves, heat stimulates the body to release muscles and allow them to stretch in healthy ways again.

In addition to its properties as a muscle relaxant, heat therapy provides increased circulation to the pelvic area, bringing fresh blood, more oxygen, and faster healing and regeneration in the region.

Heat also fights some of the other symptoms of a woman’s period, including nausea and bloating. Both by serving as a distraction to the brain – increasing the amount of sensory information the brain is processing and reducing the attention it can give to the cramps and soreness themselves – and by causing the body’s repair mechanisms to kick in (via the increased circulation and the muscle relaxation effects of heat therapy), heat therapy is effective at stimulating the body’s systems to work together to combat soreness and reduce the negative effects of menstruation.

While any kind of heat can do – a hot bath or even a warm coat in wintertime can help – heating pads are one of the most convenient and quick-acting methods for applying heat to period cramps and tenderness.

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June 25, 2014

I have been purchasing the heat pads for over a year now to help with my Herniated Lumbar Disc. My two teenage daughters began using the pads for their period pain which is especially handy to use discreetly when going to school. I ended up giving packets to my ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law for their ailments. What I found was every time I had bought a few packets I was giving them away to friends and family to use and always running out myself. The pharmacy where I bought the pads stopped stocking their shelves for a while and I was devastated. When they finally restocked they increased the price by $5 a packet so now I am finding that it is quite expensive. I checked your website and the shipping prices are expensive. I would love to order a box of 24pkts but $25 for shipping is a lot. It actually equates to the same price as the pharmacy. Is there anything you can do? Thanks.


April 25, 2013

OMG these are amazing i have endometeriosis and these are my life saver I have a constant supply at home and at work


March 12, 2013

YES! Heat treatment helps me too with my period pain. This and stopped smoking. Thank you for this article :)

Another helpful site i found:

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