Heat Pads For Raynaud's Disease


Many of us experience cold hands and feet when the temperature drops. But Raynaud’s disease is different. It is a whole other level of discomfort and struggle. If you want to really understand hard it is to live with Raynaud’s disease, take a look at this article, which describes what people who suffer from Raynaud’s go through.


What is Raynaud’s Disease? 

Raynaud’s disease is a medical condition that can cause discomfort as the blood flow to your fingers and toes decreases. When this happens, you’ll notice your fingers or toes change colour and they start feeling cold and numb in response to cold temperatures or emotional stress.


Heat therapy for Raynaud’s

The general view is that the best self-treatment for Raynaud’s is to stay warm. Here are some tips for how to do it:

1. Layering & Stick-on Heat Pads

  1. Layering can help you make the most of your cold weather clothing and prevent dangerous exposure. It does this by helping maintain your core body heat and by protecting you from cold air. The most important thing here is to keep your core warm. This will improve blood circulation. To stay extra-warm, you can also stick heat pads on a base layer like a singlet or tight t-shirt.

    2. Gloves & Small Hand Warmers

      We all know that gloves keep your hands warm. But unless you are wearing ski gloves, you can still feel cold air penetrating. This is where Hotteeze hand warmers come in. They are the perfect size to slip into a glove or keep in your pocket. Being able to have a reliable heat source, close to your hands and pockets for hours can make a huge difference.

      3. Socks & Stick-on Toe Warmers

        Thick, warm, woolen winter socks are a winter necessity, but you can’t always wear them. For some work situations like those who have to look corporate or wear high heels for work, it’s just not possible! But don’t worry -- simply attach Hotteeze stick-on toe warmers to your socks. Just like our other heat pads, they’ll keep you toasty warm for hours with a steady, discreet supply of heat.

      With the exception of our Hand Warmers, which can be held in the hand directly, we strongly advise against sticking Hotteeze Regular or Hotteeze For Feet directly to your skin. It is true that there are some heat pads on the market that can be used in this way, but they tend to have a lower maximum temperature and shorter duration. Our heat pads provide targeted heat and stay above 50 degrees Celsius and maintain their temperature for hours. So to derive maximum benefit from the comforting heat and to avoid a low-temperature burn, always keep a thin, tight layer of clothing between the pad and your skin.

      More information about Raynaud’s Disease

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