Keep warm and active all day with Hotteeze heat pads! Place a Hotteeze over your lower back if you’re going to be standing alot that day. The heat will keep your muscles warm and supple. Why not keep some Hotteeze for Feet in your hand bag or desk at work to keep you warm despite being stuck behind a desk. Does your child feel the cold? Give them a Hotteeze at the start of the day and they’ll be toasty in a cold classroom! Don’t just save Hotteeze for special occasions – keep warm every day!

Commute to Work


Hotteeze are ideal for going to work on those cold mornings. Small and discreet, they can be worn with a suit…

At your Desk

at your desk

Fed up with feeling the cold but can’t do anything to escape the air conditioning? Rip open a Hotteeze…

Out on the town

out on the town

Out for a drink? Learn from the stars who use Hotteeze to keep warm on set for those chilly outdoor love scenes and to help them look hot for their red carpet close-ups!

Toasty in front of the TV

in front of tv

Cuddle up and keep warm for 12 plus hours, the perfect night in…

Gardener’s heaven


Comfort tired muscles, keep toes toasty warm and stay cozy while you’re busy out in the yard!

Soccer mum never leaves home without


Hotteeze warms you up on those freezing days when you watch your kids play sport…

The perfect game


Want to warm up muscles before the game? Need to keep warm while out on the golf course? Hotteeze will keep you warm for HOURS!

Share with friends


Never a dull moment, keep your friends entertained with Hotteeze!…