If you’ve ever had a stiff, sore body part that it was painful and difficult to move, you know how much of an annoyance, an irritation, and an inconvenience these types of afflictions can be. What’s worse, many people with stiff joints and stifled mobility never seek any form of treatment; they simply continue living with their conditions without attempting to reduce the impact of these on their lives.

Much of the time, however, this isn’t out of willful desire to avoid treatment, so much as it is a limited knowledge of the options open to them. They may not realize there are effective treatments available to those struggling with stiffness and reduced mobility; or, they might think that all the treatments that are available constitute expensive, slow-working procedures like surgery or long-term physical therapy.

In fact, there are simple and ready-to-use solutions available to use to treat joint and muscle stiffness that can reduce or even eliminate that stiffness and significantly improve mobility off the shelf. Of these, heat therapy and therapeutic heat pads are quite possibly the simplest, most affordable, and easiest to use of all.

Heat therapy works by mobilizing the body’s blood supply to the site of the use of heat, dilating blood vessels and making it easier for more blood to access the area. The increased circulation bolsters the amount of repair-enabling oxygen and nutrients, giving the body the resources it needs to more rapidly heal and fix the damage in the stiffened region.

Muscle and tissue relaxation is another effect of heat therapy, the heat allowing tissues to more easily stretch, increasing mobility and decreasing the tightness that causes stiffness, helping you to move far more freely than you had before its application.