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Hotteeze is the #1 TGA certified heat pad in Australia (ARTG #297453)! 

Hotteeze Heat Pads in aged care

Hotteeze have been used in Australian private and public aged care facilities, hospitals and Physiotherapy clinics since 2005. 

People who are not physically mobile can feel cold even on a hot day. Hotteeze body warmers, hand warmers and toe warmers can be a cost effective comfort for the elderly and infirm.

Since wheat bags and hot water bottles have been discontinued due to safety concerns, Hotteeze provide a wonderful solution for people craving the comfort of localised heat because they are;

- one use and this limits the risk of cross infection between patients

- time saving as staff don't have to keep reheating them as they last for up to 16 hours

- made in Japan to the strictest of quality standards

- registered with the TGA

- the only heat pad endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (since 2012)

What to be careful of

Do not apply to people who are too frail to recognise how hot the heat pad feels. There are risks of low temperature burns if you keep applying to the same place day after day. For some elderly, their skin is thin so care must be taken. Make sure they move the pad to a different place a few times a day. 

Try sticking a Hotteeze on a pillow and covering with a pillow case to help protect frail skin. NEVER apply directly to skin. Hotteeze are designed to create moist heat and needs a layer of clothes to allow the skin to lightly sweat- ensuring a deeper heat.

For a Safety Data sheet email

Call 1800 090 585 for more information.

How to order

Email for our distributors State by State or for wholesale inquiries. 

How to use 

Hotteeze are made from all natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including iron, vermiculite and water.

Once you open the packet, the filings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat - no wires or microwave required! The heat is constant and lasts up to 14 hours for the Regular, up to 10 hours for the Hand warmers and up to 6 hours for the toe warmers.

How to Use Hotteeze Regular & Hotteeze for Feet

1. Open the packet
2. Tear off the adhesive paper
3. Stick the Hotteeze to your undergarments, socks or where you want heat
4. Once the pad has fully cooled, open with scissors
5. Sprinkle the contents in your garden
6. Dispose of wrapper in combustible trash