Soothing warmth for your patients

Show your patients you care
with Hotteeze Heat Pads

Hotteeze Heat Pads provide a wonderful solution for people craving the comfort of localised heat.

4 Key Benefits of Hotteeze heat pads

Natural: Drug-free pain relief

Unlike artificial painkillers that could cause harmful side effects, Hotteeze Heat Pads provide nothing but natural pain relief.

Long-lasting: 14 hours of heat

Hotteeze Heat Pads are self-heating and stay toasty warm for up to 14 hours. The heat temperature is 50°C on average. 

Non-allergic: Sticks on clothing

Many people experience irritations or allergic reactions to the adhesive. Hotteeze Heat Pads are made to stick on clothing, not skin. This will prevent any discomfort to the adhesive. 

Eco-friendly: Can be recycled 

Hotteeze Heat Pads are made of biodegradable ingredients, so when finished, simply cut the pad open and sprinkle the materials in your garden or pot plants as a soil conditioner.


Hotteeze Heat Pads were created by Donna Burke in 2004. In 2005 Hotteeze were launched in Australia, initially selling in Physiotherapy clinics and chemists. Now they can be found in hospitals, schools, football stadiums and are used by people of all ages- even animals love a nice Hotteeze in their cage on the way to the vet.Hotteeze are used to keep tropical fish warm on route via courier, by elite athletes, people working in the cold and school girls suffering cramps.