There are few aches and complaints more common than shoulder pain. Caused by a range of different maladies – anything from a tear in a rotator cuff to dislocations and separations to old age can be to blame – it’s all too easy to end up with a tender, creaky shoulder.

You should always seek a doctor’s attention to diagnose and treat the actual underlying cause of the pain, but you fortunately may not need an expensive cocktail of drugs and medications to treat the discomfort. Heat therapy, nature’s most ready solution for soothing aches and ails, is still one of the best available, and our conveniently designed and highly effective heating pads are one of the best ways around of delivering that therapy.

Stretching and physical therapy are other common and easy-to-use solutions for tackling shoulder pain, but these activities can themselves be painful too. So, even when approaching the relaxation and soothing of tender shoulder muscles through stretching and similar exercises, you’ll want to apply heat therapy to make these exercises easier to do and more bearable, as well.

What makes heat therapy so effective? To start, heat loosens muscles, which eases soreness caused by stiffness, and also prepares muscles for the stretching that comes in physical therapy treatments. You’ll want to use your heating pad prior to any activity that could potentially aggravate your shoulder pain or cause any added strain on your shoulder.

In addition to this, heat therapy increases blood flow and circulation to the site of the heating, speeding up repairs to the area and alleviating much of the soreness that comes with damaged shoulder tissue.

Because therapeutic heat pads are external to the body, there are no risks of the side effects that medicine can produce, and their soothing effects are fast acting and strong.


Always read & follow the instructions for use & health warnings. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Do not stick directly on skin.