Traveling and exploring new places is an amazing part of life. As the old saying goes, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” But if you’re feeling out of sorts, this can impact your travel experience or even your ability to travel. Arthritis, back pain, neck pain, menstrual pain, or chronic pain can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and depressed, and in no frame of mind to soak up new and exciting experiences. No matter how pleasurable it may be, traveling in a new country can knock you out of your daily routine, making it hard to monitor how your health may be affecting your journey. But there are ways to manage this and make the most of exploring the world!

1. Medical Preparation

First of all, get some advice well in advance from your doctor or physiotherapist and discuss any concerns you have about traveling. It’s always good to consult professionals to talk about any concerns about traveling and to get any necessary medications. Needless to say, if you’re going somewhere far away, be aware of how the time difference is going to affect you.


2. On the plane

Have you ever felt cold on a plane? Aircraft cabins are usually kept a bit on the cold side, and since passengers don’t really move around that much, your body doesn’t get a chance to warm up. This is where instant heat pads come in. You can use the stick-on type and put them wherever you want for comfort. Alternatively, you can hold the non-sticky type in your hands to warm them up. Hotteeze Regular stick-on heat pads stay hot for up to 14 hours, so they’ll keep you warm throughout even the longest of long-haul flights. And to keep your toes nice and warm, we also recommend using Hotteeze For Feet, which are designed to fit into men’s or women’s shoes.


3. When your go-to painkillers are unavailable or strictly forbidden 

Depending on which country you’re in, the painkillers you usually buy over the counter may not be available or may even be strictly forbidden. In that case, what can you do when you suddenly get unexpected back pain or menstrual pain? It’s a good idea to check in advance to see if you can take your painkillers to your destination or buy them when you get there. If not, we highly recommend that you take some instant heat pads. Hotteeze, which are completely drug-free and eco-friendly, are a perfect solution.


4. When you’re off to a really cold place

Whether you’re traveling to Finland to see the aurora borealis or to New York for the world-famous new year countdown, you should be prepared for the sudden onset of frigid temperatures. But it can be annoying to pack thick sweaters, outer layers, and all those other winter clothes if you prefer to travel light. Instead of lugging around a bulging suitcase, why not bring along some heat pads? Not only do they relieve pain, but they’ll also keep you warm all day. What’s more, they’re so light and thin that they’ll take up hardly any space in your suitcase.


Wherever you’re going, we hope you enjoy exploring new places and new cultures. If you have any questions about Hotteeze Heat Pads, please contact us at [email protected] . For media inquiries, please contact [email protected]