Hotteeze Heat Pads are known for their long-lasting and soothing warmth. Compared to other heat pads, Hotteeze last longer and can stay toasty warm for up to 14 hours.

But what if you only need heat for a couple of hours and so won’t use the full 14 hours of heat that Hotteeze provide?   Isn’t it wasteful to throw away a perfectly good pad with hours of heat remaining?

Don’t worry – we have a solution for you!

When you’ve had enough heat, just pop your Hotteeze in an airtight bag or container. If you don’t have one, you can also wrap it tightly in cling film. The key is to make it airtight.

When you want to enjoy the warmth again, simply remove the pad and wait a couple of minutes for it to regain its heat.

What’s the secret?

The reason lies in the way Hotteeze produce heat. The pads are activated by the chemical reaction that occurs when the mix of simple ingredients are exposed to oxygen in the air. When you remove the packaging, air passes freely through the surface of the pad. The iron powder inside then starts to oxidise and creates heat. Also, the activated charcoal and vermiculite inside maintain the heat for a long time. This reaction can’t happen if the pads are deprived of oxygen.


To put it simply, no air means no heat!