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Long-lasting heat pads that provide natural, drug-free pain relief and warm you up anytime you feel cold.

Our Heat Pads are self-heating and stay hot for up to 14 hours.

Made in Japan, our Heat Pads are environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Back Pain Relief

Heat therapy gets the body to soothe itself

Heat Therapy

Hotteeze Heat Pads provide 14 hours of thermotherapy

Muscle Soreness

A heat pad can be the answer to muscle soreness, stiffness and aches

Aged Care

Hotteeze can be a cost-effective comfort for the elderly and infirm.

Discover the Benefits of Natural Heat Therapy

Hotteeze Heating Pads can help relieve various pains and soreness.

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Eco friendly

Japanese Eco-friendly Heat Therapy

Long-lasting recyclable heat pads that provide natural, drug-free pain relief and heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply open the packet, tear off the adhesive paper and stick the Hotteeze to your undergarments where you want heat! IMPORTANT: Never stick a Hotteeze Heat Pad directly on your skin.

Hotteeze are made from all natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including iron, vermiculite and water, Hotteeze are the best option for you and the environment.

Once you open the packet, the filings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat – no wires or microwave required! The heat is constant and lasts for up to 14 hours. (Hotteeze Hand Warmers up to 10 hours and Hotteeze for Feet up to 6 hours)

Yes! All our ingredients are non animal derived.

1. Open the packet
2. Tear off the adhesive paper
3. Stick the Hotteeze to your undergarments, socks or where you want heat
4. Once the pad has fully cooled, open with scissors
5. Sprinkle the contents in your garden
6. Dispose of wrapper in combustible trash

If you accidentally open it up, quickly seal it in an airtight plastic bag to it to stop the oxidization process.

Hotteeze Heat Pads are mainly iron filings and the soil conditioner is potassium chloride. The other ingredients are water, vermiculite, and activated carbon.

We recommend you check with your doctor before using Hotteeze Heat Pads, because some diabetics have no sensation in their extremities and wouldn’t be able to judge whether the heat pad or foot pad was getting too hot (thus, you could end up with a low temperature burn without feeling it).

No, you might burn yourself. Hotteeze will feel cozy at first, but after a while it will heat right up without you noticing and might feel too hot. You will probably start to sweat too, in which case the pad will slip off and you won’t get your 12 hours of guaranteed heat.

No! Hotteeze contain natural ingredients which are biodegradable, so when they’re done, you can throw them away guilt-free! The contents can be reused as a soil conditioner, which contributes to the reduction of wastes. The outer packet is combustible and does not generate toxic gases.

Whatever you do, NEVER put a Hotteeze near your abdomen, and check with your doctor before using it on any other part of your body.

If you get a Hotteeze wet, you can kiss it goodbye! The water will stop the oxidization process.

Yes! They won’t set off alarms at airport security or get picked up on x-ray machines. They are completely safe and will not set off any alarms. You can wear them on your clothes or carry them in hand luggage or checked luggage.

No. Once the 12 hours of heat is finished, that’s it! BUT – You can use the Hotteeze for half the time, pop it in an airtight bag to stop the oxidization process, and then keep using the rest of the hours of heat the next day.

Yes, but only through clothes. We recommend using a heat pad wrap or a flexible tube bandage that you can double over.

No, NEVER! While you are asleep, you cannot easily monitor your comfort level and you can get a low-temperature burn.

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